Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Depressed? Here's How to Eat Your Way to Happiness

Pigging out is among the most common habits of people who are depressed. But if you opt for nutritious goodies proven to help you battle away the stress and depression, you'll be breathing HAPPINESS in no time.

Though ice cream and other sugary treats are not on the list, don't fret as these healthy snacks promise to leave you not only feeling lighter, physically and emotionally but also looking better.

Citrus Fruits (lemons, oranges...)
Vitamin C boosts the mood by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body. To better keep your calm at tough times, get your regular dose of this vitamin.

Leafy Veggies
Folic acid, the main ingredient found in these leafy veggies has been proven to enhance blood flow to the brain and reduce the melancholic feeling.

What better way to go nuts- than over nuts? (Korniks! hehehe)
Though a self-indulgent pleasure (being high in fat), nuts do their good share in upping the ante of your aura. Rich in magnesium, Vitamin E, and arginine (an amino acid) these little wonders reduce blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels lead to mood swings, so if you often get caught in such storms, watch the sugar!

Fatty Fish Friends
Our fatty fish friends like tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel are great sources of DHAs or omega-3 fatty acids. This mood-boosting ingredient not only lowers the chances of depression but also the risks of age-related memory loss. The American Psychiatric Association even recommends the intake of omega 3s for patients going through therapies and medication to ward off depression.

Dried Cherries
The magnesium, Potassium and vitamin C in dried cherries work together to restrain the body from responding to stress. Rich in antioxidants, dried cherries also promotes better health for your brain cells, avoiding memory problems and your body in general--which according to a TV ad will "Look young and feel young".

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